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Little Douglings Series

Little Douglings Series

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By Carissa Douglas

Join the Little Dougling's as they overcome family challenges, learn of God's mercy, and experience His Love. In an uplifting and delightful verse, children learn the how to live out their faith in daily life. Beautifully written and Illustrated, these books will be a treasure for both parents and children.

This Series all three Little Dougling Books.

  • I Go to Jesus
  • A Gift of Myself
  • All Things New

Author and Illustrator Carissa Douglas helps parents and caregivers teach their kids how to grow closer to Jesus with fun, illustrated stories that rhyme. She lives in Georgina, Ontario with her husband, Patrick and their eleven young children. A Gift Of Myself is the second book in The Little Douglings series which seeks to teach children the richness of the Catholic faith through the promotion of the sacraments.

“Fantastic! The images are as beautiful as the content is theologically sound. My daughter loved it! I loved it! This book is an endearing tribute to Pope John Paul II’s teaching on the gift of self— a sort of ‘Intro to Theology of the Body for Kids.’ An excellent tool for parents who wish to foster selflessness in their children, which will yield fruit in adolescent years and provide a basis for truly loving, authentic relationships.”— Matt Fradd,Catholic Speaker, and Author, The Porn Effect (A Gift of Myself)

Carissa Douglas’ book I Go to Jesus is the book that I wish I’d had when my children were younger. It’s the book for everyone who would like to teach their kids about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacreament. A definite in Catholic elementary schools all over. In fact, it’s not only a great book for children, but I can see how it can be a true source of grace for young and old.”— Deacon Pedro Guevara Mann,  Producer of Salt + Light Television and Producer and Host of the Salt + Light Radio Hour (I Go To Jesus)


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Customer Reviews

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