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Interior Freedom Study Set

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Interior Freedom

In his book "Interior Freedom" Fr. Jacques Phillipe shows us that we possess, each of us, inside of us a space of freedom that no-one can take away. Despite the most unfavorable outward circumstances, we can claim our freedom because God is its source and its guarantee. Without this, we will always be in search for something else to fulfill us, and we will never understand true happiness.

Fr. Philippe lays out a simple but important theme: "We gain possession of our interior freedom in proportion to our growth in faith, hope, and love." He explains that the dynamism between these three theological virtues is the heart of our spiritual life, and he underscores the key role of the virtue of hope in our spiritual growth. 

Written in a simple and inviting style, Interior Freedom Study book seeks to liberate the heart and mind to live the true freedom to which God calls each of us.

Interior Freedom Study Guide

This study notebook is intended to accompany the book Interior Freedom, by Fr. Jacques Philippe.