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A Sale For The Children

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Set Description 

This Set Contains the Following Books:

The Little Douglings Series

By Carissa Douglas

Join the Little Dougling's as they overcome family challenges, learn of God's mercy, and experience His Love. In an uplifting and delightful verse, children learn the how to live out their faith in daily life. Beautifully written and Illustrated, these books will be a treasure for both parents and children.

This Series all three Little Dougling Books.

  • I Go to Jesus - Children learn a Eucharistic Life of Prayer.
  • A Gift of Myself - Children learn about how they too can make a gift of themselves.
  • All Things New: Children learn about God's mercy and love for them in confession.

My Catholic Children's Bible

Bring Scripture to life with the inspiring and engaging stories in My Catholic Children’s Bible!

Children will love the vivid story-telling!

Parents and educators will love how it:

  • Introduces a child to Holy Scripture,
  • Explains the importance of Scripture in the Life of the Church
  • Helps a child create an active relationship with Jesus

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