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My Russian Way: a spiritual autobiography

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Alexandre Havard, a Frenchman of Russian ancestry, chronicles his moral, intellectual and spiritual development growing up in post-1968 France. He rejects the radical secular values of his contemporaries and embraces Christianity. At the same time, Havard traces his roots back to Russia and follows cultural and political developments in the final years of the Soviet Union. He prays that someday he will be able to contribute to the spiritual revival of his beloved ancestral homeland. In the end, his prayer is granted in dramatic ways - proving Pope Benedict XVI's statement that God acts not only in the spiritual domain but also in the material world. My Russian Way is packed with compelling characters and fascinating vignettes. The book is at once spiritually uplifting and a fun read. My Russian Way will change your view of Russia for good and light the way for the reader's own spiritual journey

Alexandre Havard is the author of the Virtuous Leadership system and the founder of the Virtuous Leadership Institute (www.hvli.org). He travels worldwide, offering seminars in Virtuous Leadership to senior business executives and university students. His previous books, Virtuous Leadership and Created for Greatness, also with Scepter Publishers, have been translated into 20 languagesAbout Alexandre Havard

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