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The Holy Eucharist Bundle

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The Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle

By Victoria Schneider

“Jesus is here! He is here! Do not abandon Him!” This saintly bishop will help you to receive Holy Communion more fervently and to love Jesus more deeply in Eucharistic Adoration. This book will awaken you to a new experience of Our Lord — that you may see, hear, love, and console “Love who is not loved.”

Eucharistic Meditations: 

By Abbé H. Convert

Extracts from the Writings and Instructions of Saint John Vianney

Saint Jean-Baptiste Marie Vianney's particular devotion to the Blessed Sacrament is manifest in this book of twenty-seven meditations, which had its first English edition two years before his canonization in 1925.

St. John Vianney is now celebrated as the patron of parish priests.

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