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Uncommon Faith

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By John F. Coverdale

The Early Years of Opus Dei 1928-1943

This book explores the early years of Opus Dei and shows why St. Josemaría Escrivá so quickly became renowned for his sanctity. Bringing to light details found only in hard-to-find Spanish sources, author John Coverdale highlights St. Josemaría's tireless, courageous efforts to spread the message of lay holiness even amid the terror and uncertainty of the Spanish Civil War. Coverdale explains how St. Josemaría helped others find Jesus Christ through a lay spirituality that anticipated Vatican II by thirty years.

Uncommon Faith is an absorbing, highly readable introduction to the life of a towering modern saint - and essential reading for anyone searching for the key to the Church's renewal in our age. It will be of interest to anyone who keeps up with developments in the contemporary Church, as well as to scholars of Spanish history and Church history.