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A Profile of St. Thomas More

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by M. Alvarez 

Sir Thomas More: The Making of a Saint

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by Thomas J. McGovern  ST. THOMAS MORE is best remembered as the great English statesman, humanist and scholar who refused to...

For All Seasons - Selected Letters of Thomas More

$ 9.95

Edited by Stephen Smith For the first time in forty years, the selected letters of St. Thomas More—son, husband, father,...

Thomas More: A Lonely Voice Against the Power of the State

$ 9.95

By Peter Berglar This book explores the conscience and motivation of one of the most admired persons in history: St....

A Portrait of Courage

$ 14.95

One of history’s most admired figures and one of the great lawyers and statesmen of all time, Thomas More was...

Ten Great Books To Celebrate St. Thomas More

St Thomas More's Feast Day is on June 22, 2017.    G.K. Chesterson said it best in 1929: "Thomas More...

The Sadness of Christ

$ 11.95

By St. Thomas More This book was the last that St. Thomas More wrote in the Tower of London before...

A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation

$ 14.95

By St. Thomas More Here in modern English is More’s examination of the comfort of God in times of difficulty....

Dialogue Concerning Heresies

$ 16.95

By St. Thomas More Considered by C.S. Lewis as perhaps the best dialogue written in English, this friendly, spirited, and...

The Life of Pico

$ 12.95

By St. Thomas More Presented to modern readers in English for the first time in 500 years, The Life of...