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August 24, 2022 2 min read

As a new academic year begins, there is often this feeling of renewal and beginning again - even if we are well beyond our school years. As parents, navigating the ever changing landscapes of family and childhood can be both exciting and daunting. As the kids head back to school and pick up their learning again, it might be a good time to brush up on some parenting tips, tricks and tools of the trade. Below you'll find several books on parenting from authors like Jim Stenson and Michael Moynihan. 

7 Scepter Books on Parenting:

Preparing for Peer Pressure by James Stenson

This short book helps parents strategize forming character and respecting freedom, learning the seven strengths of character, and detecting the danger signals for character weaknesses that lie in the home itself.

Decisive Parenting: Forming Authentic Freedom in Your Children by Michael Moynihan

This book hits the nail on the head by enveloping the Big Picture into the Everyday, and showing how the little details lead to the final goal. 

The Work of Children: Helping Children Understand the Meaning, Purpose and Value of Work by Esther Joos Esteban

Using true-life stories and examples, this book highlights the universal phenomenon of work, inspires parents to probe its essence, and guides them as they teach their children to love and value the work that they do now and as adults.

NEW 2022 TITLE: The Talk and Beyond: Raising Children in a Confused Culture by Michael Moynihan

This book guides parents through the murky waters of parenting children in this confused culture, providing us confidence in strategies, as well as faith in God’s Plan, along the way.

God and Children: The Vocation of Parents by Fr. Jesus Urteaga

The author draws on his own rich experience as a teacher and spiritual director. He adds Christian doctrine, humor, and common sense to make God and Children a book for all parents and especially those of young children.

Family Virtues: A Guide to Effective Parenting by Jose M. Martin

The twenty-one essays contained in the Family Virtues guide will help parents in this great task. Whether dealing with adolescent development issues, discipline, modesty, passing on the faith, or other parenting matters, this effective parenting book covers it all with supernatural outlook and common sense.

Compass: A Handbook on Parent Leadership by James Stenson

This handbook summarizes the lessons and experiences of parents to help them succeed as leaders for their children.


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