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About Us

Scepter Publishers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides content to enrich hearts and draw people nearer to the ever-present and totally loving God. Since 1952, Scepter has been serving Catholics around the world with books and content that are in alignment with the authentic teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

We currently provide over 400 titles in English and Spanish worldwide to individuals, bookstores, churches, retreat centers and organizations with similar apostolic goals. Inspired by the life and thought of St. Josemaría Escrivá, Scepter Publishers seeks to help men and women put Christ at the center of their lives and at the summit of all human activities.

Our Mission

To help you find God in ordinary life and realize sanctity in work, family life, and everyday activities.

We want to assist you in your quest to live an integrated life where every moment, even the most ordinary, is offered up like a prayer. In all the content we publish, we try to enrich your heart and draw you ever nearer to the ever present and totally loving God. Scepter endeavors to carry out its mission primarily by publishing books (print, electronic, and audio) and other media.

Among the various subject areas of its publications, the following have special importance:

  • Spirituality – Works that foster spiritual growth through a life of prayer and the reception of the sacraments.
  • Evangelization & Catechism – Works that help to carry out an apostolate in the midst of the world.
  • Doctrine and Theology – Works that deepen understanding of the Catholic Faith and help to defend it.
  • Family & Parenting – Works that strengthen and encourage families and the place of the family in society.
  • Education & Virtue – Works that foster the integral development of all human beings in keeping with their dignity.
  • Inspiration & Witness – Works that offer encouragement through the strong example of inspirational role models.
  • St. Josemaría & Opus Dei – Works that spread the life and message of St. Josemaría and Opus Dei

Our Founders

Fr. Joseph Musquiz (1912-1983) was one of the first three men ordained as priests for Opus Dei (along with Blessed Alvaro del Portillo and José María Hernández Garnica). He worked to establish Opus Dei around the world and was sent by St. Josemaria Escriva to the United States In 1944. The cause for his canonization was opened by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, where he died.

Fr. Dick Rieman (1925-2019) was born in Chicago and served as a Navy flyer in World War II. After the war he studied at DePaul University, where he met Fr. Joseph Muzquiz and Salvador Ferigle, who had just arrived in Chicago from Spain to begin Opus Dei’s apostolic work in the United States. Dick Rieman (as he was known) joined Opus Dei in 1950 and thus became the first member from the United States. He went on help start the Heights Study Center, which later became The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland, and spent the last 40 years as chaplain of the Montrose School for Girls in Medfield, Massachusetts.