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by Scepter Publishers June 01, 2022 2 min read


Next month on June 26th we will celebrate the Feast Day of St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. A Spanish priest, Escriva was dedicated to teaching people how to respond to God's universal call to holiness, and how ordinary life can be the path to sanctity. He died on June 26, 1975 and was canonized in 2002 by St. John Paul II.

Inspired by him, Scepter Publishers seeks to help men and women put Christ at the center of their lives and at the summit of all human activities. As part of that mission we're devoted to spreading knowledge of and devotion for this great saint of the ordinary.

We're sharing a variety of resources to help you get to know this modern saint who believed that everyone - no matter their profession or state in life - could be a saint!

St. Josemaria Biographies: 

The Founder of Opus Dei - a 3-book series written by Vazquez de Prada

St. Josemaria Biography - a short 60-page biography.

40 Years with a Saint - stories from the 40 years Bl. Alvaro del Portillo spent with St. Josemaria. 


St. Josemaria's Theology: 

Ordinary Life and Holiness, Volume 1 - a deep dive into the spiritual theology of St. Josemaria. 

Ordinary Life and Holiness, Volume 2 


Essential Works: 

The Way - 999 short points for meditation.

Furrow - 1000 more short points for meditation. 

The Forge - Another 1055 points for meditation. 

Christ is Passing By - a collection of homilies for the liturgical year

Friends of God - a collection of St. Josemaria's homilies. 

In Love with the Church - a collection of homilies on the Church and the role of the lay faithful. 

Holy Rosary - Reflections on the mysteries of the Rosary. 

The Way of the Cross - Meditations on each of the stations of the cross. 

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10 St. Josemaria Escriva Quotes about Holiness

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As we prepare to celebrate the feast of St. Josemaria on June 26th, we're sharing some of our favorite St. Josemaria Escriva quotes about holiness in ordinary life - taken from his writings. 
Summer Spiritual Reading
Summer Spiritual Reading

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Homily by St. Josemaria Escriva for the Feast of Corpus Christi
Homily by St. Josemaria Escriva for the Feast of Corpus Christi

by Scepter Publishers June 15, 2022 4 min read 0 Comments

This excerpt is pulled from St. Josemaria's book of homilies, On the Feast of Corpus Christi. This is the first couple points, but you can find the full homily in the book Christ is Passing By