Getting To Know Your Guardian Angel

Earlier this month, on October 2nd, we celebrated the feast of the Guardian Angels. And while October is the month dedicated to the Rosary, this can also be a good month for us to consider our relationship with our own Guardian Angel, and how we can get to know him/her better!

Could you imagine deciding for all eternity if you would serve or reject God? Well, that is technically what happened within the angel department. With all their spiritual being, angels are servants and messengers of God. They are always beholding the face of God the Father, doing his will and following his word at all times. Angels have an intelligence and will, they are personal and immortal, surpassing any perfection that can be found in visible creatures. Yet, we always seem to forget about them! 

Guardian angels are one of the many angels that God chose to be with us from the beginning and end of all eternity. Each and every one of us has a guardian angel that wages a war against all the evil unseen forces that are up against us. We should feel a deep security in the presence of guardian angels that console and illuminate us. They put good thoughts in our mind, lovingly correct us when we are wrong, tell us when to be more generous or prudent. 

God is always with us and He is such a great Father that he even gave us each a guardian angel on top of his blessed Mother and all the saints. God himself is using his angels to whisper in our ears. What joy it brings to know this!

It's beautiful to see saints that had strong devotion to their guardian angel. For example, St. Josemaria had a special devotion to the guardian angels, so much so that on this feast day he saw the foundations of what Opus Dei would be. 

“They sustain us in their care as if we were a precious treasure entrusted to them by God. Just as older children help to watch over the younger ones as they grow up, the angels will keep us safe until we enter happily into the home of our Father. Only then will the celestial host we so depend on for many favors have fulfilled their mission” (In Conversation with God, 187). 

Ways to have a Relationship with your Guardian Angel:

  • Ask him or her questions.
  • Ask him or her for help.
  • Be curious about what their ‘day’ is like?
  • Imagine them walking in the door before you.
  • Dialogue with them when you are struggling and when you are joyous! 
  • Set a day of the week to particularly focus on keeping the presence of your guardian angel. 
  • Call upon them during mass.