Meaningful Friendships with Francisco Ugarte

Finding good friends can be really hard.

Often, the initial interactions we have with people are great.  We hit it off, find some similar interests with someone, and think “what could go wrong?”  Then, as we get to know that person better, we might realize our values don’t align, or the people they associate with are not good people, or we find that we are more or less invested in the relationship than they are.

That’s the tricky thing about friendship- it is freely given.  There is nothing binding you to a friend forever, regardless of friendship bracelets or backpacking through Europe together or yearly birthday posts on social media.  To choose to keep a friendship is a mutual commitment that surpasses any of these things.  A friendship that will last requires emotional depth, loyalty, and love. 

In his book, Deep Friendship, Moving Beyond the Superficial, Francesco Ugarte uses Plutarch’s idea that “A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find,” as a jumping off point for his exploration of how to create meaningful friendships in today’s world. 

Ugarte points out that we struggle to create deep connections in our world because it is focused on superficial things.  True friendship must move beyond the superficial, however.  A good friend must truly love and respect their counterpart, and vice versa.  

If you are struggling with your current friendships, hoping to seek out better friends in the future, or if you want to be a better friend yourself, check out Deep Friendship, Moving Beyond the Superficial.  This title will only help in your pursuit for happier, holier relationships, both with friends and with God.