Sowing Seeds of Faith: Inspirational Reads for Cultivating Spiritual Growth

Do you want to start growing in faith, but need a little something to kickstart the process?

We get it.  It can be difficult to know what steps need to be taken in order to have a flourishing faith life.  We can visualize where we want to be, but the details on how to get there are unclear.  This is why we love spiritual reading; it can offer clarity on our toughest questions of faith and help sow the seeds of a great spiritual life even before we see growth on the surface. 

Sow those seeds and find the inspiration you need with these Scepter titles: 

One With Jesus

In this new release, author Paul de Jeagher offers guidance on how to have a close relationship with Jesus.  The first step: placing our lives in his hands.  This is a perfect book for anyone who struggles to connect with Jesus but desires to grow closer to him in the big and small moments of life. 

On Prayer and Meditation

This book goes way back– to 1566 to be exact.  In this tried and true treatise on prayer and meditation, St. Peter of Alcantara considers the elements of the spiritual life and offers advice on how to grow in piety and overcome temptation.  Highly recommended by many contemporary saints including St. Teresa of Avila, this book is a must read for anyone seeking inspiration in their own quest for sainthood. 

The Meaning of Grace

The Meaning of Grace considers just that: what grace actually is and how our understanding of grace has developed over time.  Author Charles Journet approaches the topic of grace in terms of philosophy, revelation and history, providing a fuller understanding of the topic than many people are exposed to otherwise.  

Progress Through Mental Prayer

In this book, Edward Lean likens prayer to progress, arguing that just as the word “progress” suggests movement and destination, prayer, too, is a fluid and intentional process that leads to the ultimate destination: Heaven.  If you want to learn more about how to grow faith, this book offers a plethora of advice on enriching your spiritual life through the process of mental prayer.

We understand how tough it can be to cultivate a strong faith life. With these books by your side, we hope you can sow seeds of faith today so that you can see growth in your spiritual life in the future!