The Fruits of the Passion
When the cosmic battle ended, winning everything and for everything, the cross became implanted, without being raised like God or prostrated as man, as the end of all things, as a trophy of victory, carrying within itself a triumph over the enemy.
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The Action Of The Holy Spirit
St Basil The Great  was one of the most distinguished Doctors of the Church. He was one of ten children, and became a teacher by profession. After giving up teaching he dedicated himself entirely to the service of God. He retiresd to the desert and with St Gregory of Nazianzen he wrote two Rules which were to have a decisive influence in monstastic life in the East. In 364 he was ordained to the priesthood, and in 370 became Bishop of Caesarea.
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The Ladder To Heaven (8 Beatitudes)

By St Cromacious of Aquileya

This meeting and gathering of people on market-day offers us the possibility of propsing to you, dear brothers, some words of the Gospel. For the realities of this world are a figure of the spiritual, and the things of the earth are an image of those of Heaven.

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