Alex Havard's Guide to Leadership

Elevate your leadership in 2024!

Dive into Alexandre Havard's wisdom for cultivating virtues, leading with purpose, and practicing humility. Uncover the secrets to empowering others in Havard's literary treasures like "Virtuous Leadership" and "Created for Greatness."

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How to Be Closer and Grow in Devotion to St. Joseph
Catholics pray to St. Joseph to buy or sell a house or find a job, but praying to St. Joseph also deepens our relationship with each member of the Holy Family. We condensed two millennia of Church tradition into just two ways that you can grow closer to St. Joseph in your daily routine as we approach the feast day.
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Books by Father Jacques Philippe for Spiritual Reading
Father Jacques Philippe’s books on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become classics of modern Catholic spirituality. Ideal companions to prayer, Fr. Philippe's books are widely recommended spiritual reading for people who want to develop their interior life of prayer.
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