Guadalupe: The Freedom of Loving

by Cristina Abad Cadenas

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It often happens that a call to holiness and devotion to Christ touches the heart amidst immense suffering. A young girl named Guadalupe experienced such a call while living through the trials of her family and country as a result of the Spanish Civil War. 

Guadalupe Ortiz, the first woman of Opus Dei to be beatified, had a style of sanctity that attracted others. She was known as determined, joyful, and a source of peaceful strength. As one of the earliest woman members of Opus Dei, she took seriously her calling to bring the love of Christ to her work and her daily life.

Her relatability is what makes her remarkable. As an individual often faced with challenges, a dedicated scientist and teacher, and a devoted friend and daughter, we can all identify with the stories and themes that make up her beautiful life.

About the Author

Cristina Abad Cadenas, born in Madrid in 1972, works primarily in mass media and corporate communication as a consultant, journalist, and film critic. An alumnus of the University of Navarra, her professional career spans both private and public spheres and includes radio appearances as well as newspaper and magazine publications.

SKU/ISBN 9781594173578
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