Brave Leader, Big Heart

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By Fr. Juan R. Vélez

Brave Leader, Big Heart invites young readers to meet this new saint, John HenryNewman. Far from being a distant academic, he was a happy child, a thoughtful young man, a warm friend, and an affectionate brother. With his pen, he helped start a movement that would change lives. As a Catholic priest, his courage and warmth led many to seek his guidance. His heart can still speak to hearts today.

Fr. Juan R. Vélez, is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei living in Miami. He was born in Venezuela and obtained a medical degree at the University of Navarre. Heis the author of several books: Passion for Truth, the Life of John Henry Newman(TAN/St. Benedict) , Holiness in a Secular Age, the Witness of Cardinal Newman(Scepter Publishers) , and A University Education for the 21st Century(Createspace)

“This is a most unusual book. Fr. Juan Vélez presents the examined life, the life of the mind, as an adventure — full of thrills and daring and good humor. And that’s what it is! Unfortunately, books for young people rarely convey this excitement. Brave Leader, Big Heart does it. Every Catholic young person should read this, but especially boys.”

~ Scott Hahn, author, professor of theology at Franciscan University, Steubenville

“A fun and inspiring book about a fun and inspiring new saint. Fr. Juan's admiration for St. John Henry Newman shines through these pages. He brings the whole life of this hero of the faith to children in a relatable and accessible way, from Newman's creative, bookish childhood, through his courageous conversion, impressive scholarly achievement, and stalwart faithfulness.”

~ Kendra Tierney, author of Catholic All Year , speaker, blogger, designer, and mother

"Bravery, Courage, and Perseverance – all qualities of St. John Henry Newman artfully depicted in Brave Leader, Brave Heart. This timely novel provides young readers inspiration and a roadmap to battle many of the same issues today which Newman faced centuries ago.

~ John Meyer, Executive Director, Napa Institute, which strives to help leaders evangelize through their work

“I love the illustrations! The cover really captures the tone of the book and St. John Henry Newman's contemplative spirit. The letters and history tie the story together and make it very real, but also understandable for the young reader and invites him into an encounter with St. John Henry Newman where 'heart speaks to heart."

~ Katie Bogner, Catholic School Teacher, Director of Religious Education, blogger

“Brave Leader, Big Heart is an excellent introduction of St. John Henry Newman to junior high aged readers. The warmth of Fr. Juan Vélez's story-telling and the charming illustrations will draw students in and they will be sure to find a friend in St. John Henry. This book is a must for every middle school classroom.” 

~ Bonnie Engstrom, author of 61 Minutes to a Miracle: Fulton Sheen and a True Story of the Impossible, blogger, and mother

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