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About The Holy Spirit

by Francisca Javiera del Valle

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By Francisca Javiera del Valle

First published in Spanish in 1932, this 10-day devotion to the Holy Spirit has attracted many readers to a deeper appreciation and veneration of the Great Unknown. The author was a poor dressmaker who, in spite of her very limited education, testified to an extraordinary understanding of the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit through her habitual and silent practice of heroic virtue.

One admirer wrote that About The Holy Spirit by Francisca Javiera del Valle leads even the most learned theologian to acknowledge the healthy and profound doctrine expounded. Yet it becomes clear from reading that the book is not written by a theologian but by a soul who has first-hand experience in the school of the Divine Spirit.  

Francisca Javiera del Valle, a mystic, was born on December 3, 1856, in Carrión de los Condos, in Spain.  There she lived all her life as a poor dressmaker, and there she died at the age of seventy-three, on January 29, 1930, in the Carmelite convent.  

ISBN: 9781889334110 

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SKU/ISBN 9781889334110
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Size 5.5 x 8.5
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