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God and Children

by Jesus Urteaga

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Fr. Urteaga (1921-2009) is a writer who gave exceptional value to the human side of life, and its enrichment by an ongoing struggle for virtue. Likewise, he never lost sight of the importance of grace. He addresses parents in their sometimes-difficult job of raising children to be not only men and women, but Christian saints. His modus operandi is that life is truly worthwhile if it is lived for the love of God.

In these chapters, he draws on his own rich experience as a teacher and spiritual director. He adds Christian doctrine, humor, and common sense to make God and Children a book for all parents and especially those of young children.

Originally printed in 1960, this newly revised and slightly abridged version of Urteaga's book captures the spirit of his advice which is grounded in truth and is timeless in quality.

About the Author

Fr. Urteaga was a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. Born in San Sebastian, Spain, Rev. Urteaga served as a a chaplain at a high school in Bilbao, an editor of a religious monthly for lay people, a television host, and an author of numerous books. He held doctorates in both theology and law. Saints in the World is another one of his classics and is also published by Scepter. It is said that his love for God was white hot and all his writings reflect that deep burning love.

SKU/ISBN 9781594173479
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Testimonials for God and Children

This book is a priceless addition to any home. Its cost equals two movies. Order it for the young couples in your family, and for the more mature parents too. I would like to see it become required reading in every college “premarital” course’.

— The New World, Chicago