Parenting for Faith

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Why Love for the Sacraments Matters Most

By Andrew Mullins

Do you have a deep desire to pass on your faith to your children?

The spiritual head start you pass on to them is your joyful example, the virtues you form, and your homelife enriched by prayer and reliance on the sacraments.

A loving family catechesis on the sacraments is a must if children are to understand that the seven sacraments are the great point of Catholic distinction. Through them, you will nourish a vibrant, living faith that will guide their every move, their every decision in life.

Drawing on his expertise in character and faith education, Andrew Mullins provides a practical manual for passing on a great love for the sacraments, those great channels of grace that sustain us through life. “Ultimately,” he writes, “children will love what we love.”

Dr. Andy Mullins works with parents and university students in Melbourne and teaches Formation of Character at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney. For many years, he was headmaster of Redfield and Wollemi Colleges in Sydney. His doctorate investigated the neurobiology of character and he has written and presented widely on parenting and character development. He is the author of Parenting for Character.

“This is an easy read for faith-filled parents giving them information and assistance in guiding their child’s faith journey.”  

~ John Couanu, Principal, Pius X College Chatswood 

"The task of being a Catholic parent these days is a challenging one. Parents are deeply concerned about how they can ensure that their children grow to be men and women of faith. Andrew Mullins offers the path of the sacraments as a source for nourishing the faith of children. His book provides simple everyday examples from the lives of families of how the sacraments have a real impact on faith. The Catholic way of life is a life of grace and sacraments are the key source of grace. The book is grounded in practical wisdom and brings to life our rich spiritual tradition. Parents these days need help in raising their children. This book is a true vade mecum for them."

~ Archbishop Julian Porteous, Hobart, Tasmania

"The hearts of parents yearn to give the best to their children, and the wisest parents know there is nothing better than giving God to their children. Dr. Andrew Mullins, a seasoned educator and a friend of parents, has listened closely to this yearning and has provided parents with a key tool to succeed in giving the very best to their children. Using Jesus' seven sacraments as its basic structure, Parenting for Faith combines real-life stories of parents, deep educational insights, and down-to-earth practical tips to give each parent a superb guide to life—their own and their children’s."

~ Raul Nidoy, Author of Jesus-Centered: Guide to the Happiest Life  

"In Parenting for Faith, Andy Mullins tells of a young couple going through a very difficult time. They had four young children, he was changing jobs, she had just been diagnosed with cancer, they were arguing incessantly and going to counseling. Then the father “realized that I had to stop leaving the spiritual leadership in our home to my wife. I started to bring the kids together for our family prayers every night. I now ask my daughter to light a candle at the picture of Our Lady in the hallway. Each of us leads a prayer.” The father’s stepping up to the plate “changed everything” for this struggling family. This is just one of dozens of this book’s inspiring stories of hope, faith, love, and fortitude in the face of whatever sufferings life may bring.  Andy Mullins is a master storyteller and a master teacher who draws beautifully on his long and rich experience as head of a school for boys. Every chapter shows us how we can—through the power of prayer, the sacraments, good example, and direct teaching—undertake our biggest challenge: making God real for our children and bringing them into a loving, faith-filled relationship with God and others. 

This marvelous book is the best thing I’ve read on my Catholic faith in a long time, and the best I’ve ever read on the sacraments.  Very often we learn about our faith on such a thin level that it doesn’t begin to shape our life.  There is so much more to know and appreciate.  This book opens our eyes to the treasures at our disposal.  As a grandparent of 15, I plan at some point to give a copy of this book to each of them—both for their own spiritual journey and for the children they may someday raise."

~ Dr. Thomas Lickona, Professor of Education & Author ofHow to Raise Kind Kids  

ISBN: 9781594174483

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SKU/ISBN 9781594174483
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