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Team Baby: Creating a Happy and Rested Family

by Julia Dee, Ida Gazzola

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The authors of the book, Team Baby, both raising large families, share the wisdom, passed down generations, of effective and joyful motherhood, as well as peaceful and happy families. Going beyond "schedule," they describe successful teamwork between parents and baby, fulfilling routine, mutual support, and how to achieve a peaceful family rhythm. Instead of dictating what you should do, this motherhood book gives you tools to develop your own practical patterns and tranquil flow of life with baby.

About the Author

Julia Dee completed her education in Sydney, Australia in Hotel and Tourism management and dreamed of running a bed & breakfast in the mountains. Now she runs a bed breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 10! She competed nationally in tennis and loves to back-country ski. She resides with her husband and 10 children in British Columbia, Canada.

Ida Gazzola  is Mom to 6 girls and 1 boy, loves the outdoors and being with her family. Before embarking on the adventure of marriage and family life, she studied English, Law, and Finance and worked in the financial industry. She resides with her family in British Columbia, Canada.

SKU/ISBN 9781594173257
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Testimonials for Team Baby: Creating a Happy and Rested Family

By using Julia’s sleeping plan with our second child things went quite differently. We were able to get her to sleep through the night after 6 weeks! I would highly recommend using Julia’s sleeping plan for your baby. It would greatly benefit family life as a good night’s sleep is very important to the well being of each family member!

— Patti
Mother of 2