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History of Philosophy Set

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By Mariano Fazio and F.F. Labastida

This set contains the following Books:

A History of Contemporary Philosophy

This new survey of recent philosophical thought, ranging from Romanticism to Post-Modernism, provides a critical resource for today's serious student of Western Philosophy. The authors write from a classical and Christian perspective. While they are consistently fair in their treatment of the wide diversity of thinkers of the past two centuries, they maintain a helpful critical focus throughout. They see that the cultural challenge of our times involves the choice between two opposing views of man, who is either a being alone in the universe and closed in upon himself, or a person open to transcendence. Their discussions guide the reader gently and persuasively to the conclusion that only the latter view accords with the constants of the human spirit.

A History of Modern Philosophy

The History of Modern Philosophy provides a comprehensive overview of the major philosophers and philosophical currents of this period. Authors Fazio and Gamarra, drawing on many years of university teaching, have produced a clear and approachable text that presents modern philosophy through its historical development. This work will appeal to non-specialist readers who wish to deepen their understanding of the cultural and philosophical roots of our time.

SKU/ISBN 10035
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