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When The Cherry Trees Blossomed

Item #/ISBN: 9781594173103

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By José Miguel Cejas

This book includes a set of unforgettable short stories that offer a fascinating look at Japan, the beginnings of Christian conversion, and the development of Opus Dei in the land of the Rising Sun…. A Buddhist bonze recalls an earthquake that devastated Japan, a sculptor working on a statue of the Holy Family tells about his conversion, a well-known poet of haiku speaks of Japanese culture. People of diverse profiles, both Christian and non-Christian, offer their views on the adventure of faith and the development of Opus Dei in a country where the Christian population remains around 1%.

José Miguel Cejas (1952-2016) graduated from the University of Navarre in 1975. He wrote more than 20 books, including many biographies of persons connected with Opus Dei. His book, Like Any Other: A Girl Named Montse, the story of Venerable Montserrat Grases, was published by Scepter in 2017.