A Lighted Lamp: Dora del Hoyo

by Javier Medina

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Dora del Hoyo was Opus Dei's first Assistant Numerary when she asked to be admitted in 1946. Later that year she moved to Rome. With her hidden work and robust self-giving, she was of inestimable help to St. Josemaría Escrivá and for Opus Dei's expansion throughout the world.

She was a lighted lamp for all those who lived, worked, or come in touch with her. Her influence now continues to spread around the world as we get to know the story of this remarkable woman. In love with Christ, with Opus Dei, and with her work, she died youthful and happy, a day short of her ninetieth birthday. Dora del Hoyo's Cause of Canonization began in 2012. This biography tells her story and relates a few of the many favors people from around the world have received through her intercession. 

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SKU/ISBN 9780906138984
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