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Making the Most of Spiritual Direction

Item #/ISBN: 9781594172298

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By Antonio P. Villahoz 

Many already appreciate the importance of spiritual direction in the interior life. But having a good director is not enough. One must also know how to make the most of spiritual direction.

This book will help you to prepare well for your time in spiritual direction. This spiritual direction book describes the four keys to a successful conversation with your director and offers a list of topics that should be covered. It will help you discern what is important and what is not important to talk about in spiritual direction.

Making the Most of Spiritual Direction is a helpful aid to beginners and to those with more experience, as well as priests and those entrusted with giving direction to others.  

ISBN: 9781594172298

Product #: 72298

Size: 4 x 6

Format: Paperback

Pages: 49