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Parents, Children and the Rules of Life


By Cormac Burke

WASHINGTON, D.C. 1956. This comment came from a girl recently converted to Catholicism. With a mixture of relief and joy she said to me, "The thing is, Father, you just have no idea how tough it is when you don't know the rules of life. Now at last, I know them ..."
Her comment often comes back to me when I look at so many people today, especially so many young people, who really just do not seem to know the rules of life. I suppose that, deep down inside, they must find the going very tough (however much they may try to hide it). Their lives certainly seem to offer little hope of working out well. How could they? Lives lacking in faith, in ideals, in purity, in love, or, above all, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, are in danger indeed.

This Booklet Contains

  • Sin and Things that are Wrong
  • Guidelines for the Moral Formation of Young People
  • Training ones will
  • Laws of Life
  • Sincerity in Parents