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Be Who You Are: Developing Your Christian Personality

Item #/ISBN: 9781594173226

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As St. Catherine of Siena so aptly stated, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!" Despite our fallen natures, we have the ability, through the solid Christian understanding of the human person—body and soul—how we can rise above it all. The authors of this Christian personality book guide us towards spiritual maturity, by teaching us how to improve one's personality, self-esteem, and virtue, without imitating models that distract us from our own identity. We learn how to live a happier and more coherent life, and how to acquire greater empathy with others—especially with our own family members and those in our immediate environment.

The authors of this wisdom-filled book all share in common their long experience in their respective fields. Additionally, they each keep a special focus on Christian spirituality in their intellectual and professional work, offering advice which helps us to effectively advance in the human pursuit of meaning and interior joy. Alfonso Aguiló, Carlos Ayxel, José María Barrio, José Benito Cabaniña, Javier Cabanyes, Juan Ramón García-Morato, Javier Láinez, Javier Sesé, Rodolfo Valdés, Wenceslao Vial (Ed.). 

ISBN: 9781594173226 

Product #: 73226 

Size: 5 x 7.25 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 146