Good, Better, Best! Fostering Good Work Habits in Children - Scepter Publishers
Good, Better, Best! Fostering Good Work Habits in Children - Scepter Publishers

Good, Better, Best! Fostering Good Work Habits in Children

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By Esther Joos Esteban 

Mothers and fathers are the original human resource managers! Whatever the era or circumstances, their challenges remain constant: to pass on a legacy of positive work attitudes and habits to their children.

In Good, Better, Best author Esther Esteban focuses on five work-related habits: diligence, order, responsibility, cooperation, and cheerfulness. These are the building blocks of good work that take time and considerable training to develop. When they are practiced naturally, quickly, constantly, and with ease, they evolve into stable qualities of the human personality (virtues).

Motivating children to do their work (school work, play, household chores, hobbies, sports), and to sustain and complete tasks well, are the challenges of parents, caregivers, and teachers. This sequel to The Work of Children is an inspirational guide to help them in that process.  

Esther Joos Esteban holds a Ph.D. in Child and Family Studies.  She was the co-founder of the Institute for Development Education and is the author of The Work of Children and Education in Values: What, Why, and for Whom.  She teaches courses in Developmental Psychology and Media Literacy for Educators of Children and Adolescents at the University of Asia & the Pacific and lectures widely at parenting and faculty development programs, international conferences in the US and Asia.  

"We've been waiting for a book like this-one that recognizes the central role of good work habits in a child's development and gives us concrete ways to foster such habits.  Through clear guidelines and rich, real-life examples from all developmental levels, Esther Esteban shows us how to help our children acquire the virtues that will help them grow into happy, responsible adults." 

Thomas Lickona, author of Character Matters 

ISBN: 9781594171918

Product #: 71918

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Format: Paperback


SKU/ISBN 9781594171918
Product Number 71918
Format Paperback