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Living With Good Manners

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A Handbook for Young People with Class! 

By John Narbona 

Many young people work and study hard, are happy and sociable, but lack knowledge of decent manners in public — it either hasn’t been passed on through the generations, or its importance hasn’t been emphasized. And yet small details in social life have a big impact on relationships and first impressions. From learning basic table manners to public speaking; from manners relating to dating, hygiene, and technology, to appropriate clothing choices: the author illustrates these details in a straight-forward and often amusing way. As the author aptly states, “many doors and hearts are opened by good manners.” Manners make strong impressions, lead to effective relationships, and shape one’s character and reputation. Most importantly of all, this book teaches how to discover the good in others and how to live with more grace and style.

John Narbona is a journalist. He lives in Italy and is an expert in corporate communication and the education of young people.  

ISBN: 9781594172601

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Format: Paperback