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The Prince of Peace

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By Archbishop Alban Goodier

Advent is a time to slow our pace of life—to be open, to be welcome, to be still and gaze at the beauty before us: Almighty God, present, waiting in the womb of his chosen Mother. The Christmas season, likewise, is a time to rejoice in tranquil adoration before the simple Nativity scene. The Prince of Peace book includes Archbishop Alban Goodier’s meditations on this sacred time of Advent and Christmas awaken in us the powerful mystery of the Word made flesh. He guides us along—from the Old Testament prophesies to the pure Yes of Mary, from the stable birth to the daily life and growth of Jesus in Nazareth. These meditations enliven the Gospel stories in a way that enrich both our emotional and intellectual experience of the ultimate mystery of God’s Love for His people.

In The Prince of Peace book you will find:

  • 60 Short Advent Meditations
  • 30 Advent Meditations
  • 30 Christmas Meditations
  • Spiritually, and intellectually Uplifting Writings

The Most Rev. Alban Goodier (1869-1939) was a British-born Jesuit priest who served as archbishop of Bombay, India. During his thirty-five years as priest, he wrote over a dozen books on the spiritual life. He is best known for his poignant meditations on the life of Christ.