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A Grace Given: A Father's Love for a Dying Child

by Kent Gilges

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Item #/ISBN: 9781594171826
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A Grace Given is a powerful personal account about a father’s life in the shadow of his daughter’s terminal illness, and the beauty, spiritual growth, and joy that can eventually come from suffering. This is the personal account of the impact that one life, however seemingly insignificant, can have on those around it. Beyond that, it explores the meaning of faith, the growth and deepening of spirituality that comes from suffering, and the gift that a severely handicapped child represents.Most of all, it is the story of hope and a father's love.

About the Author

Kent Gilges was born in Zambia in 1965. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and five Children and has written extensively for numerous magazines and newspapers. His freelance articles have appeared in Europe. The Independent, Industry Week, Chemical Engineering, Earthwatch, and featured on public radio. He is a gradate of Cornell and Oxrford Universities.

SKU/ISBN 9781594171826
Product Number 71826
Size 5.5 x 8.5
Format Paperback
Pages 240