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Are the Best Gifts Bought or...
Are the Best Gifts Given?

Discover what God desires to give you this advent.

Ways to Embrace God's Gifts

What is Givenness? 

Givenness can be defined as the mystery by which all creation operates. The mystery of self gift. That all is meant to be given away and only in being given away does a part of creation find its end. This can clearly be seen in the circle of life, death and regeneration that exists all around us in nature, of which we are the central part or high note.

The Advent of Givenness

Ways to Celebrate the Gift of Advent this Year

15 Min of Personal Prayer

Spend a few moments each day in silence with Our Lord. Pour out your heart to him and let him speak his peace to your heart.

Daily Advent Reflections

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Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith
Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith

Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith

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St. JPII Meditation on Givenness

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Why Givenness? 

The purpose of this movement is to help all of us slow down and immerse ourselves into this great season of Advent so that we may fully welcome the small, quiet Christ child when he comes.

God has given all of creation to us, and it is first through receiving his gifts that we find ourselves. We must first rest in God’s givenness—in nature, in human relationships, and especially in himself—in order to have something to give away to others. In a world frantic to give away material gifts that can never truly satisfy, we must relearn to receive the true Spirit of Advent, to receive the Spirit’s Givenness.

We have observed this frantic, materialistic spirit seep into the hearts of many and often disturb the blessed peace of the people of God. Like Esau, we have been trading in our birthright for material gifts and gain. We must reclaim our great season for Christ, first in our hearts, then in our beloved church, then in our world. Let us begin this Advent year in our hearts and in the ordinary moments of the day. Let us sacrifice material gifts with the firm hope that we will receive immortal ones from the hand of God. Let us receive once again our birthright. The blessed season of Advent and most incredibly the little Christ Child Himself.

We have laid out three ways that we can reclaim this season in our hearts and in the ordinary moments. Please prayerfully consider where the Lord is moving upon your heart this Season and if you feel so called please participate. You can consume the daily reflections by following us on instagram or by coming to this page to see the latest updates. Please also prayerfully consider supporting some of the apostolates represented during this campaign to reclaim Advent.

Read St. John Paul II's Mediation on Givenness

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JPII's Meditation on Givenness

Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith
Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith

Nine Days to Strengthen Your Faith

"Faith gives us life, real life on this earth, the eternal life of the Kingdom." ~ Fr. Jacque Philippe

Take nine days with Fr. Jacques to meditate on your faith and learn how to deepen and strengthen it, so that through both times of ease and times of burden, your faith can keep you focused on God, as he faithfully keeps his focus on you.

Advent & Christmas Carols
Advent & Christmas Carols

Join in the songs of Joy and Thanksgiving this Advent

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"Advent, this powerful liturgical season that we are beginning, invites us to pause in silence to understand a presence. It is an invitation to understand that the individual events of the day are hints that God is giving us, signs of the attention he has for each one of us."

~ Pope Benedict XVI