Dr. Gerard B. Wegemer

Dr. Gerard B. Wegemer is a professor of literature at the University of Dallas and director of the Center for Thomas More Studies, which he founded in 2000. Among his publications are Young Thomas More and the Arts of Liberty (Cambridge University Press, 2011), Thomas More’s Trial by Jury: A Procedural and Legal Review (Boydell, 2011), A Thomas More Source Book (Catholic University of America Press, 2004), and Thomas More on Statesmanship (CUA Press, 1996). He assisted in the process that culminated in More’s becoming Patron of Statesmen on October 31, 2000, and has served as an editor and member of the research committee of Moreana, the international journal on Thomas More and his times. Wegemer earned master's degrees in political philosophy and in literature from Boston College and Georgetown University and a doctorate in English literature from the University of Notre Dame.