Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use the eBooks

I bought an ebook. How can I download it?

When you buy a ebook, you receive an email with the download link. It's easy to download. You simply have to follow the instructions that you will find in that link. You can also find this link in your account page of the Scepter website.

How many times can I download the ebook?

Once you have purchased an ebook, you can download it as many times as you like from the same link you received in the purchase.

Is there a way to limit how many devices or computers I can read my eBooks on?

You can then the ebook installed on 6 different PCs or devices like phones and tablets. There is no option for a number in between, unfortunately, it's either one device or all of that are allowed. If you want to have the ebook on more than one device, you have to use the same Adobe ID provided with that ebook.

I lost the email I received with the download link. How can I get it back?

You can enter to your account page and there you will find a record of all your purchases and the download links of all your ebooks.

I bought an ebook but I did not receive any email with the download link

The email is always sent, but your email manager may have stored it in SPAM. Please check if you have the email in your SPAM folder.

And you can also enter to your account page and to download the ebook.

What is a ACSM file?

ACSM is a special file that will allow you to securely access your ebook. When you open a ACSM file, the file will connect with your Adobe ID and then you will can download the ebook (EPUB file) in a safe way. 

What is a EPUB file?

EPUB is an ebook file format with the extension .epub that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. It is a technical standard used all over the world. Click here for a complete list of devices and applications compatible with EPUB.

I can not connect to the server to download an ebook

First, check your Internet connection. Even though you are connected, the quality of your connection may not be good at that time.

If you use Adobe Digital Editions from Ipad, you may have problems with your firewall settings and that is why your Ipad does not allow you to download the ebook. In this case we recommend using Bluefire Reader. It is an excellent app to read EPUB and with it you can download the ebook. And you can also use any app of this list.

How to install Adobe Digital Editions?

If you need detailed instructions on installing Adobe Digital Editions:

(Accept the license agreement, then check the components you want to install. Be sure to select the option "Associate .acsm and .epub file types".)

It is also possible to install it on mobile devices and tablets, but for these, we recommend Bluefire Reader.

My ebook works slow or does not turn pages

All Scepter ebooks have been tested according to the EPUB standard so they do not have structure or design errors. This makes ebooks work with good speed when turning pages, view images, use links, check index, etc.

There could be problems with speed with devices that do not have updated the operating system or the version of the app you use to read the ebook. We always advise reading the ebook on updated devices.

On the other hand, we always advise that you do not have the device with almost complete storage as this will slow down the use of the same in general.

How to transfer a ebook from a device to other device?

It will depend on your computer and mobile / tablet. Check with your manufacturer how to transfer files.

Anyway, we recommend that you always use the download link you received when you purchased the app.

Remember that you can open it as many times as you want and up to 6 devices whenever you use the same Adobe ID.

This way, you can open the link from your PC and download the ebook. And then you can open this same link from your mobile / tablet and download the same ebook you already have on your PC.

It's really simple.

What is the best app to read ebooks?

We recommend Adobe Digital Editions for PC / Mac and Bluefire Reader for tablets and mobiles but you can use any app from this list

Can I read my ebooks on the Kindle?

Kindle users are only able to view eBooks sold on And by trade policies they have created a system incompatible with the others. If you want to use Kindle, you can find on our Amazon page our eBooks in MOBI format for Kindle devices. The system of our website works with standard EPUB and supports a great variety of other devices and mobile apps thanks to the Adobe DRM infrastructure we use. Click here for a full listing of mobile devices and apps compatible with our system.

Still, if you want to use Kindle, you can find on our Amazon website our ebooks in MOBI format.

Can ebooks be read on tablet devices like the iPad or Android devices?

Certainly. In fact, the Scepter's ebooks are compatible with most tablet devices, eReaders and smartphones. Click here for a complete list of devices and applications compatible with our system.

Are the ebooks of Scepter safe?

Of course. Our service is powered by the industry standard Adobe Content Server, which is based on the newest and best protection and encryption technologies available today.