The Navarre Bible

Helping you gain a better understanding of Scripture by introducing you to two thousand years of Christian biblical tradition.

Why Choose Navarre?

Rich Commentary

The Navarre commentaries draw upon two thousand years of Christian tradition: Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the work of prominent saints & spiritual writers.

Faithful to the Truth

The Navarre is faithful to the truth, as revealed by God through His Church. All the commentaries adhere to the teachings of the church, and explain the doctrinal and practical meaning of scriptural text.

RSVCE English Text

The Bible that is used is the RSV Catholic Edition. This is the same biblical text used in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and is regarded as a faithful translation of Scripture.

The Latin Vulgate

Alongside the English is the Latin Vulgate. It can be found below the commentary or in the back of each Volume. The Latin Vulgate is the official Latin Translation that has been used for over a thousand years.

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Reviews of Navarre

Mother Angelica

“The [Navarre] commentaries are worth what you are going to pay for this bible because they are true commentaries. They adhere to the teachings of the church, they explain the doctrinal and practical meaning of scriptural text, and they draw from every kind of source: church documents, the writings of the fathers, the doctors of the’ll have the best commentary you’ll find today… It is reliable and readable and that’s why I’m so anxious for you to have it in your house. Even if you don’t read it maybe your children will. Maybe they have a doubt, maybe they’ve left the church because they don’t know. This will bring them back."

Osservatore Romano

"[The biblical text is] presented unambiguously as the inspired word of God and, with the help of the commentaries, we are introduced to two thousand years of contemplative Christian reading and living of the sacred word."

Homiletic & Pastoral Review

"We heartily and strongly recommend this splendid volume. It is just what so many have been waiting for"

Catholic Herald and Standard, London

"This handsomely produced volume marks a significant addition to the Catholic Church's contribution to modern biblical studies... This volume seems to offer something very valuable to the modern reader and scholar alike, and I recommend it with great enthusiasm."

Catholic Weekly

"It has appeal for the specialist as well as general readership, for much of the commentary consists of a selection of the most interesting observations from two thousand years of scholarship."

Faith Magazine

"It is refreshing to come across a non-technical commentary which... seeks to expound the Word of God according to the accumulated wisdom of the Church. Most people desiring to understand better the Scriptures are looking for something that will deepen their reverence for the Word of God, help them apply it to their daily lives, and move them to prayer."

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