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About Being a Priest (2nd Edition)

by Federico Suarez

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By Federico Suarez

This book, About Being A Priest, presents the daily life and duties of a priest, combining practical advice based on experience with theological insight drawn from Sacred Scripture. Among the topics covered are effective preaching, intellectual growth, mortification, the spirit of poverty, and friendship with other priests.

 Reverend Federico Suarez was born in Valencia, Spain in 1917 and died in 2005. He obtained a doctorate at the University of Madrid. In 1948 he was appointed Professor of Modern History at the University of Santiago de Compostella. From 1955-1960 he was Deal of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Navarre.  

ISBN: 9781594170836 

Product #: 10195 

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 219

SKU/ISBN 9781594170836
Product Number 70836
Size 5.5 x 8.5
Pages 219