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Bright and Cheerful Homes

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By Rev. Jesus Urteaga

The undertaking I want to speak to you about is an enormous one: rearing your family. I am much more concerned about your home than about whatever bad or dangerous atmosphere you may find in the street. I am much more worried about the way of life your children will learn in your home, following your example, seeing you live your life, than I am about anything they may learn from the faithlessness and faults of other people. Here is a really important question: Are you giving them that "something"—and it is a very great something—that they must have if they are to live truly Christian lives?
Just think about the kind of world we can create for the people of tomorrow if only we get your children to understand, to realize fully from this moment on, that Christ is really alive; that they must serve the Church and be ready to lose everything, their wealth, their honor, and their life, if necessary; that Christians must take an active part in public life, so as not to let true Life be suffocated and buried, hidden away in people's consciences. Christ wants, needs, people to spread the blaze of love which he came to Earth to enkindle.
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