Time for God (2nd Edition)

by Jacques Philippe

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Originally published in English in 2008 and now an international bestseller, this new edition includes a helpful study guide for personal or group reflection.

Many people today are thirsty for God and feel a desire for a personal prayer life that is deep and ongoing. But they encounter obstacles that prevent them from following the path seriously and with perseverance. Time for God was written with these desires and difficulties in mind.

Author Jacques Philippe focuses on mental prayer: prayer that consists of facing God in solitude and silence in order to enter into intimate, loving communion with him. Practicing this kind of prayer regularly is considered by all spiritual masters to be an indispensable path that gives access to genuine Christian life—a path to knowing and loving God that empowers us to respond to his call to holiness addressed to each individual.

Philippe draws on years of experience as a spiritual guide to illuminate the fundamental principles of mental prayer and describes some common mistakes and misconceptions that can lead it astray. With simplicity and clarity, he explains the foundational principles for a healthy prayer life and gives advice for overcoming the various obstacles that arise when one sets off on the path of interior prayer.

About the Author

Fr. Jacques Philippe is a member of the community of the Beatitudes, founded in France in 1983. After studying in Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Rome, he was ordained a priest in 1985. He primarily devotes himself to spiritual direction and preaching retreats internationally. His published books on spirituality are the consolidated result of such work. He is the author of Fire & Light, Interior Freedom, Time for God, and The Eight Doors of the Kingdom, among others. You can find out more about Fr. Jacques and his preaching schedule at FrJacquesPhilippe.com.

SKU/ISBN 9781594174827
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Testimonials for Time for God (2nd Edition)

Time for God is easy to read. I sensed that Father Philippe understood that many of us would need some handholding on the way to mental prayer.

— Charles Lewis
National Catholic Register, 1/28/2024