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Family Grace: A Story of Conversion Through Friendship

by Michael E. Giesler

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Fr. Giesler’s Junia trilogy vividly recounted the lives of the early Christians and their struggle to be faithful to their newfound faith in Jesus Christ.

In Family Grace, Fr. Giesler tells a similar story, but within the context of a contemporary American family that discovers the Catholic Faith in gradual and unexpected ways. He vividly narrates their temptations, failures, and victories in a setting very similar to what the early Christians faced: a society often hostile to the truth and goodness of the Gospel.

As he did in his previous novels, Giesler uses the message of St. Josemaría Escrivá as his inspiration---with his call to become saints and apostles in the middle of the world, a calling very similar to that of the early followers of Christ.

About the Author

Father Michael Giesler is a priest, professor, and retreat director for one of the retreat centers of Opus Dei. He has published two academic works for his masters and graduate studies. Since then he has published four fiction and four non-fiction works. 

SKU/ISBN 9781594172236
Product Number 72236
Size 5x8
Format Paperback
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Testimonials for Family Grace: A Story of Conversion Through Friendship

It was the family that converted the Roman world. Pagans saw that Christian homes were happy, and they wanted a piece of that happiness. This novel shows us the truth: the family is, still today, the key to evangelization and the key to happiness.

— Mike Aquilina
author of The Fathers of the Church