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Glimpses of the Church Fathers

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By Claire Russell

In recent years there has been a growing awareness among lay people of the importance of Tradition within the Catholic Church. A primary source of this Tradition is the collection of what the Fathers of the Church had to say in Her early history. 

In this Volume you will find.

  • The actual writings of the Church Fathers.
  • A Selection of writings which covers a wide range of topics
  • All presented in easily readable units.

"There can be no true formation of Christian understanding without constantly drawing on the tradition of our Fathers in the faith....The Fathers of the Church did not cease to meditate upon the Mystery of Christ and to seek to transmit to their contemporaries what they themselves received...They were the first theologians, for they were able to examine the Mystery of Christ by drawing on ideas borrowed from the thought of their time, formulating them with  no hesitation to give them a universal meaning." -St Pope Jon Paul II, Address, 1993

It is the hope of Pope Benedict XVI that "the Fathers of the Church...become a stable point of reference for all Church theologians" and for "a renewed commitment to recover the heritage of wisdom of the holy Fathers. The result can only be a vital enrichment of their ideas, even on the problems of our own times" (Letter, 2007)

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