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Good Use of Time: 11 Principles to Live By

Item #/ISBN: 9781594171857

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By Raphael T. Caldera 

Good Use of Time gathers together wisdom of the ages that will help you appreciate and wisely administer the limited amount of time at your disposal. Before one can benefit from calendars, to-do lists, and organizational tactics, one needs to understand some important principles related to time and its proper use. These principles are summarized in traditional sayings like:

  • He has more who needs less
  • Urgent things can wait
  • Make haste slowly
  • Put your heart into what you are doing

By meditating on the lessons found in this little book, you will learn to treasure every moment of your life as an opportunity to serve God and others.

Each order includes three (3) books.  So you can keep one, and have two to give to friends.  

Rafael Tomás Caldera is a lawyer (Central University of Venezuela), Master of Arts (Notre Dame, 1970) and Doctor of Letters from the University of Friborg (1974). Professor of Medieval Philosophy and Anthropology in the Department of Philosophy of the Simón Bolívar University.  

ISBN: 9781594171857

Product #: 71857 

Size: 4.25 x 7.25

Format: Paperback Booklet, 3 to a pack

Pages: 48