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Grain of Wheat

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By Michael E. Giesler 

Set in the second century of the early Christian Church, Grain of Wheat takes you into the heroic lives of the early Christians. Along the way, it shows the beauty and dignity of the Christian family, along with the power of the vocation to celibacy — a charism lived not only by priests and bishops, but by many of the lay faithful. These brave men and women, both single and married, followed Christ and spread his Kingdom while remaining in society. Through their courageous faith an entire culture was transformed, one person at a time, one family at a time.

This work of fiction draws on early Christian testimonies, as well as more recent historical and contemporary books. It continues the saga which the author introduced in Junia (2002) and Marcus (2004).  

Rev. Michael E. Giesler, a priest of the Opus Dei Prelature, graduated from the University of Notre Dame and obtained his doctorate in theology from the University of Navarre, Spain.  He has written three books of historical fiction set in the early Christian period of Rome: Junia, Marcus and Grain of Wheat, all published by Scepter.  In addition, he has written a book and several articles on Sacred Scripture, the marks of the Church, and on the writings of Pope John Paul II.  A native of Chicago, he is presently chaplain of Wespine Study Center in Saint Louis.  


Grain of Wheat is the best book of this type that I have ever read, a rare combination of fine prose and greatly moving narrative, all of it built upon massive knowledge of the late Roman world, the Early Church, and Sacred Scripture. I recommend it highly.
Thomas Howard

A wonderful work of historical fiction that gives us insights into the lives of second-century Roman Christians, revealing much continuity between their practice of the Faith and how we must practice it today.”
Kimberly Hahn, co-author of Rome Sweet Home

I loved Grain of Wheat and so did my teenage daughter. It’s a highly imaginative, yet historically faithful entry into the lives of the early Christians. To read these pages is to live for a few hours in the world of Saint Justin Martyr, to live with an unforgettable Roman family and their fascinating friends and adversaries.
Mike Aquilina 

ISBN: 9781594170782

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