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Journey with Jesus

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By Blessed Alvaro del Portillo 

Journey with Jesus is an invitation to all Catholics to develop their spiritual lives at the rhythm of the liturgical year and thus to take part more actively in the new evangelization called for by Pope Francis.  These texts are selections from the pastoral letters which Blessed Alvaro wrote as Prelate of Opus Dei.  

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo was the head of the Opus Dei Prelature for almost twenty years, from 1975 to 1994.  In that period, he gave numerous homilies and addresses, wrote pastoral letters and had hundreds of conversations with thousands of people in Rome and on his pastoral journeys across the globe.  His reputation for holiness is well-known throughout the world.  He was beatified on 27 September 2014.  

"These pages can help the reader to live out again the events of Christ’s passage on earth which the Church presents in the liturgy."

~ Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei

ISBN: 9781910644102

Product #: 44102

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

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Pages: 300

SKU/ISBN 9781910644102
Product Number 44102