Meditations on the Passion - Scepter Publishers
Meditations on the Passion - Scepter Publishers

Meditations on the Passion

by Susanna Tamaro

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The cross and the resurrection are central to being Christian. But many of the meditations we read for the Stations of the Cross at Easter seem outdated. Written, it seems, many years ago, before the world got so complicated.

Author Susanna Tamaro is an award-winning Italian Novelist and Director. Born in a middle class family in Trieste, Italy. In 1994, she wrote "Follow Your Heart", which became one of the most popular Italian books in the 20th century.

In Meditations on the Passion of Christ book, Tamaro helps us relive the greatest drama in human history. She shows us how to overcome all the obstacles in the modern world to live a life empowered by Faith.

As we contemplate the Fourteen Stations of the Cross, Tamaro leads us from where we are, in the middle of the world, with all our twenty-first century preoccupations, and guides us down the path that reunites us with Christ.

This is an excellent book for groups. With color pictures that illustrate each Station of the Cross, this book will help readers, or those who make this devotion, to draw new insights from the Christ's journey to Calvary.

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SKU/ISBN 9781594172434
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Format Paperback