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Newman On The Bible: Commentaries on Scripture

by William Park

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Format: Paperback

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This book presents a variety of selected commentaries on the Bible by Saint John Henry Newman. These are pulled from articles and sermons which abound with extensive comments on various Scriptural passages as well as on problems of interpretation. His character studies of the Old Testament, including those of Joshua, Saul and David, provide great psychological insight. And his meditations on beloved or difficult New Testament passages bring greater depth and light to their meaning.

About the Author

William Park is a retired professor of English literature at Sarah Lawrence University in New York. He graduated from Princeton University, received his PhD from Columbia University, and also taught at Hamilton College and Columbia University. He has wide ranging interests in literature, history and film, publishing The Idea of Rococo (University of Delaware Press, 1993) and What Is Film Noire? (Bucknell University Press, 2011). He lives in Santa Cruz, California.

SKU/ISBN 9781594170430
Product Number 70430
Format Paperback