Parenting for Faith: Why Love for the Sacraments Matters Most

by Andrew Mullins

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Do you have a deep desire to pass on your faith to your children?

The spiritual head start you pass on to them is your joyful example, the virtues you form, and your homelife enriched by prayer and reliance on the sacraments.

A loving family catechesis on the sacraments is a must if children are to understand that the seven sacraments are the great point of Catholic distinction. Through them, you will nourish a vibrant, living faith that will guide their every move, their every decision in life.

Drawing on his expertise in character and faith education, Andrew Mullins provides a practical manual for passing on a great love for the sacraments, those great channels of grace that sustain us through life. “Ultimately,” he writes, “children will love what we love.”

About the Author

Dr. Andy Mullins works with parents and university students in Melbourne and teaches Formation of Character at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney. For many years, he was headmaster of Redfield and Wollemi Colleges in Sydney. His doctorate investigated the neurobiology of character and he has written and presented widely on parenting and character development. He is the author of Parenting for Character.

SKU/ISBN 9781594174483
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Testimonials for Parenting for Faith: Why Love for the Sacraments Matters Most

This is an easy read for faith-filled parents giving them information and assistance in guiding their child’s faith journey.

— John Couanu
Principal, Pius X College Chatswood