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Reinventing Dad

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by Dennis Helming

I’m not a fan of how-to-do-it kits for parents, especially those catalogs bulging with 9,731 tips for to-day's dad. What are needed today are not more suggestions; today's dads are already drowning in a myriad of sins of fatherly omission—and they're well aware of it. They don't need their consciousness raised—they need their hopes and spirits raised. They need a new theory, a new vision to inspire them.

Good is not good enough

It used to be that good parents raised good children: like father, like son; like mother, like daughter. Things were more settled and predictable back in the days when "father knew best." Not so today—the undertow is just too fierce. Gone forever—and good riddance—are the days when Christian parents could just coast, improvising all the way and relying on apparently sound institutions such as church, school, and community.

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