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Sanctifying Ordinary Work: On the Nature and Spirit of Opus Dei


By Andrew Byrne

Opus Dei (the Work of God) is a worldwide institution of the Catholic Church. Its members, lay men and women and secular priests, strive to practice the Christian virtues, while remaining in their own state and position in life and pursuing their own occupations and ordinary work in society. In this way they carry out the apostolate of making the doctrine of Christ known by their example and word. The aim of Opus Dei is to help people of all social levels and professions appreciate the dignity of the Christian vocation and the consequences that arise from it. Opus Dei provides its members with the spiritual means and formation they need in order to live a life proper to a Christian who seeks to live out the implications of his faith. It helps them to do this in a specific way — with freedom and responsibility, in the world, among the realities that make up their ordinary work.

This Booklet Contains

  • General Characteristics and History
  • Kinds of Members
  • Apostate