Simon Peter

by Georges Chevrot

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Abridged Version

Simon Peter drew the special attention of Jesus from the first moment the Lord laid eyes on him and called him to be the first of the twelve apostles. In unpacking the meaning behind the Gospel passages dealing with St. Peter, the famed French spiritual writer, Georges Chevrot, details the deeper meanings implied in the relationship of these two men.

This book on the life of Simon Peter by Georges Chevrot examines the many occasions where Peter’s actions could be interpreted as proof of his love and loyalty, but which also showed a lack of fortitude in his rash behavior: walking on the water, striking out with the sword in the garden, and finally, unnecessarily risking his life inside the high priest’s palace which led to his three denials of Jesus. This culmination of his failures at self-restraint followed by remorse at his betrayal of Jesus finally cured his impulsiveness when he weighs and confirms the evidence of the Lord’s resurrection.

About the Author

Georges Chevrot (1879–1958) was born and died in Paris. He was ordained a Catholic diocesan priest and worked with ordinary Christians in the city for most of his life. He lived through two World Wars including the Axis occupation during World War II. He was the author of 21 books.

SKU/ISBN 9781594174018
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