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The Divine Pity: A Study in the Social Implications of the Beatitudes

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By Gerald Vann

The Divine Pity is a study on the beatitudes in which its social implications are considered against the background of the love of God. The timeless truths of Catholic thinking about man's search for the meaning of life, his relation to himself, his family, his society, and his God are here considered in the light of contemporary needs and with a view to the application of these truths to man's practical life. Pointing out that twentieth-century man is isolated and lonely because of his exclusive absorption in himself and his material needs, the author discusses the ways in which man can return to the friendship of God and the abundant happiness that conformity to God's will entails. He discusses poverty of spirit and how it can lead to interior riches, meekness as a means to great spiritual strength, mourning, and pity as ways to understanding and wisdom. Reviews also the virtues and gifts of the Holy Ghost and explains how the habit of these virtues leads to the deepest happiness man can know on earth.